Brushcutters / Trimmers

They are a professional garden tool that can trim weeds, small trees and foliage that a lawn mower or similar cannot tackle.

Brushcutters are sometimes called brush saws or clearing saws.

They are a professional garden tool that can trim weeds, small trees and foliage that a lawn mower or similar cannot tackle.

They are versatile and there is a range of blades and trimmer heads that are attached to a power unit.

Professional brushcutters should be used by trained individuals.
They can tackle much tougher conditions such as undergrowth, tougher plants and very long, overgrown grassy areas.

Brushcutters can be used in a very accurate and focused manner in targeted areas.

How Are Brushcutters Powered?

The brushcutter is powered by a pole and the rotary cutting head is at the front.
More powerful units can have a two or three stroke petrol engine of up to 25cc.

Cordless options are available and have a rechargeable battery and these tend to be quieter in terms of noise emissions.

Why Have Brushcutters Got Different Shapes?

If you’ve been shopping around for a brushcutter, you will see there’s a large range of shapes. The shaft of the cutter can be curved or straight. The curved variety is usually found on basic models. The straighter types also have a gearbox at the cutting end.

The operational handles can be in various positions for easy handling and depending on the weight of the unit.

Larger cutters have two handlebars while smaller ones might have a D-shaped handle.

Can Brushcutters Have Different Attachments?

Accessories can be used with most brushcutters although it does depend on the brand.
Cutting heads include circular saw blades, brush knives, grass blades, chisel tooth and more. Some professional units have a blade that looks similar to a chainsaw.

How Much Do Brushcutters Cost?

Costs vary, anything from £400 to £800 and more.

What is The Difference Between Brushcutters and a Grass Trimmer?

If you are unsure then don’t buy anything without checking first.
A smaller grass trimmer is more suitable to a domestic setting and is slower to use, for example.

Health and Safety

As with all machinery safe usage is of paramount importance. Brushcutters are very sharp and can cause damage.

Always have full training first before using them. Some larger brushcutters need a harness for safe usage.

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the best professional gardening equipment for your needs, including information about brushcutters.

What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do.