Lawns, greens, gardens and golf courses need to be cared for all year round. A sprayer will help make this job much easier.

There are numerous sprayer types to choose from. When spraying is one of your main tasks, there are lots of elements to get right.

What Type of Sprayers Are There?

Tractor mounted, spray caddies, dedicated sprayers, boom kits, quad bike sprayers, walksafes, trailed and demount sprayers are all available.

You just need to know which one is best for you. Your decision will include the job you have to do and also the equipment and vehicles you may already have at your fingertips.

The general rule is the larger the area, the better the sprayer is needed.

What Do I Need to Know about Sprayers?

If you are a greens person, one of your tasks in ensuring turf, fairways, green and tees are all in the best possible condition. This is not an easy task when you are working the mother nature, the weather and keen golfers. Weeds, pests and diseases can all make an unwelcome visit to your golf course, garden or sports field.

There is also a great deal of legislation, regulations and even restrictions with pesticides, chemicals and similar items. There are also restrictions on uses near water hazards and similar.

Sprayers should also be tested regularly, requiring an MOT with the NSTS. Whatever your size of sprayer, safety is of the highest priority.

Do I need other Equipment?

You will need:

  • mixer gear, safe storage, and a thorough form of record keeping including COSHH.
  • Clothing, PPE, visors, gloves and other items are also required.
  • You might also need a knapsack for certain areas.
  • A first aid box with relevant items inside is a must.

How Do Sprayers Work?

As mentioned above, the type of sprayer that is right for you is your first considering, even if you are replacing an existing sprayer.

It could be your current sprayer is no longer viable. There are various parts to a sprayer include a weed and feed sprinkle bar, nozzles, booms, bottles and more.

Some smaller sprayers are hand operated, while larger boom sprayers are more complex. For the boom sprayer, nozzles are attached pointing in different directions for greater coverage. The framework raises and lowers itself if needed.

Should I Consider the Terrain?

Most definitely yes! Exposed gardens or golf courses are often prey to the wind so sometimes shrouds are useful to reduce spray drift.

There will be no spray zones in most areas, usual near sensitive areas such as boundaries or even near bee hives. Spraying near water is also a no-no and a knapsack should be used as a last, targeted resort.

What Should I Check Regularly?

As well as the overall state of your sprayer, the nozzles are the busiest part of your sprayer. Keeping them clean will help you keep moving and reduce blockages.

And always check the weather forecast on a day you’ve got spraying planned!

What To Do Next

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