Utility Cart

Utility carts are used by contractors, gardeners and professional outside workers so they can gather garden waste, move materials and tools around the garden, golf course and similar outdoor areas.

Why Is a Utility Cart Helpful?

Working outdoors means there are many different tasks to do. This means a selection of tools and attachments are also required. A utility cart is very useful if moving materials and supplies around the location or site. A cart can be helpful if there are lots of inclines and ramps.

What Types of Utility Carts Are There?

From manual to motorised, there are various utility carts available. Sometimes referred to as garden wagons or yard carts, the motorised models include helpful handles, a battery powered engine, and tilting mechanisms.  A utility cart can also offer more stability with heavy loads.

How Is a Utility Cart Stored?

A utility cart should be stored undercover and cleaned regularly. Owners of a utility cart need to check wheels, handles and other parts to keep them in working order.

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