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Also known as mini tractors or sub compact tractors, we have a range of compact tractors for sale that will suit a number of businesses and budgets. Compact and small tractors are easy to drive and comfy for the user. They also have the power and lift to help with a range of jobs and tasks.
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Uses for Small or Mini Tractors

These small tractors are versatile and powerful and are particularly helpful for keeping golf fairway, turf care tasks and greens and sports pitches in tip-top condition. Compact tractors are very much multi-tooled units that can carry out many different tasks. Horse power ranges from 15 to 60 and many come with power steering and rear linkage for different attachments. These are powered by a rear PTO, or Power Take Off, for different speeds.

What are the different types of sub compact and compact tractors ?

Small tractors are usually divided into two types: a ‘manual’ gear drive and a hydrostatic oil drive.
The former is usually better suited to ground preparation while a hydro model is better for mowing or loader work. There are also utility tractors which are less ‘fancy’ in terms of ‘extras’. They can still do a good job.

Benefits & Uses for Compact Tractors

Flexibility, fit for many different grounds care tasks including greens keeping, landscaping, mowing and collecting grass, cultivation, remove snow and heavy lifting. Some types have the option of adding a front loader. These smaller tractors have ability to work with a number of tractor attachments, including mulch carts, aerators, spreaders and sprayers. Depending on the type of smaller tractor you choose, you can select one that is also suitable for your use thanks to its attachments.

Subcompact Tractors

This type of tractors is something between a ride on mower and a compact tractor. Great for small holdings, equestrian centres, smaller golf courses and similar. They are nimble and due to their more compact size; compact tractors don’t usually leave a big footprint on grass and can be quite nimble.
The smallest types are also referred to as garden tractors that go up to 20 horse power (HP) and often have three-point hitches.

Still Not sure?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Middlewich Machinery has various sub compact and compact tractors and larger tractors for sale or lease. The costs varies, according to the specification and size. We can provide quotes and costs suitable for your needs and which are affordable.
Expect to pay from £12,000 for a compact tractor. In our range the Kioti CS2520 is a good example.
A sub compact tractor is somewhere between a ride on mower and a compact tractor. Great for small holdings and equestrian centres. Due to their more compact size they don’t usually leave a big footprint on grass. Also referred to as garden tractors.
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