Lawn Aerators

Lawn aerators are an essential piece of machinery for professional garden workers, landscapers, grounds contractors and those working on sports fields and pitches.

What is a Lawn Aerator?

This garden tool is specially designed to create holes in soil or other ground types. This helps the grass or lawn to grow.

Why Do I Need a Lawn Aerator?

If the ground is very hard or the soil isn’t very absorbent, then a good quality lawn aerator is essential. The aeration created by the machinery improves soil drainage.

What are the Benefits of Using a Lawn Aerator?

As well as improving drainage, using a lawn aerator in the garden, smallholding or on a sports pitch will also encourage worms to do their work. Other elements that benefit from using a lawn aerator include lawn or grass microfauna and microflora. Using an aerator means the ground or soil beneath the lawn or grassed areas get essential nutrients, air and water for healthy growth at root level.

How Does a Lawn Aerator Work?

Using a professional lawn aerator means using one of the excellent products that can include aerator attachments along with a self-propelled engine with a heavy-duty front wheel. This makes light work of this essential task. 

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