Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers are particularly useful in autumn when the leaves are dropping from the trees, but can be useful at other times of year, keeping the ground clear of leaves and deadheaded flowers.

Other materials the leaf blower can remove include grass cuttings. Leaf blowers are powerful bits of kit and are much quicker than sweeping up or other methods of leaf removal. A leaf blower can handle both dry and wet leaves, helping remove them from paths, grassy areas, borders, and pavements.

What Is a Leaf Blower?

A leaf blower is a handheld device that uses a centrifugal force that takes in outside air, spins it via an internal fan mechanism. The centrifugal forces push the air through a smaller tube and the air comes in a powerful blast.
Some leaf blowers have a vacuum mechanism with gathers leaves into a bag.
Middlewich Machinery can advise as to which one will be best for you.

What Happens to the Leaves?

The centrifugal leaf blower will blow all debris away from the target area, leaving it clean and clear of leaves.
The leaves are therefore blown away rather than sucked into a collection bag.
In some instances, the leaves can be blown into a heap and used for composting.
Some of the garden vacuums also include leaf shredders.

What Are the Different Types of Leaf Blowers?

Cordless leaf blowers are lightweight, quieter than some other leaf blowers and because they are rechargeable, they are more environmentally friendly.
They can be more expensive overall and they have a limited use time and will last only as long as the battery allows.
You could opt for an electric leaf blower. Quite low in terms of maintenance, and cost effective.
Petrol leaf blowers deliver lots of power and are useful for professional grounds care staff or golf course greenspeople. They are heavy and the noise level is high. There is also legislation around storing the petrol to consider.

What To Look for In a Leaf Blower

Depending on your budget and the type of leaf blower your considering, elements to consider including variable speed controls.
Also pay attention to the nozzle size as the smaller the aperture, the more control you have as a user.
If you’re tackling an area that has lots of wet leaves, this will need more power to shift them.
Also, there might be more sensitive areas in the grounds you care for, so a slower, more gentle speed is useful around delicate plants and flowers.

How Much Do Leaf Blowers Cost?

Costs vary, anything from £150 to £800 and more.

Health and Safety

As with all machinery safe usage is of paramount importance.
Leaf blowers should be used safely at all times.
Always have full training first before using them.
You can also look for soft grip handles and a shoulder strap which make it more comfortable to use if using a leaf blower for extended periods.
Be careful with leaf blowers around wildlife. Always check the area concerned before starting your leaf clearance.

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the best leaf blowers for your needs.
What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do.

Get in touch with Middlewich Machinery for further information.