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Mantis tillers are one of the lightest and powerful tillers on the market. Easily transforming your outdoor space into a stunning area.

Hardworking products that are designed to last, Mantis tillers, both electric and petrol,  Mantis cultivators, composters and other products will save you time and will get the job done. With our workshop and workforce in Cheshire, Middlewich Machinery can help with all aspects of Mantis products. Our team understands that multitasking Mantis tiller can be the lynchpin to your outdoor project.

Mantis Tiller

Our Mantis Tillers Product Range

Due to the efficient developments in the Cramer range, their products have just three overall series specifications: 40V, 82V and Robotics. Here at Middlewich Machinery we will be focusing on the 82V range.

Are Mantis Tillers Versatile?

Mantis has been in production for over four decades.

Their products give an excellent performance, saving time, have fingertip control, and they work in the smallest of spaces.

A Mantis tiller is multifunctional: it can dig, hoe and help weed.
There are also optional attachments, helping dig furrows, keep borders looking neat and Mantis products are designed to last.

Mantis Cultivators

Mantis manufactures cordless cultivators, and the 1000w electric cultivator.

Mantis Tillers

From the 4-stroke tiller to the classic electric mode and from the deluxe 4-stroke tiller with kickstand, these hardworking pieces of machinery will be one of your best tools.

Other Mantis Products

Thinking about composting? Mantis produces composters for garden and grounds use.

FAQs About Tillers, Cultivators and Composters

From changing air filters to failing to start, there are a number of possible issues that can occur with tillers and cultivators.

Overheating, checking oil levels, keeping the unit clean … the list goes on.

In many cases, a Mantis owner can deal with some of the more straightforward elements.

Middlewich Machinery can help with repairs, servicing and sales.

Mantis Mantra

Outdoor work whether it’s on a golf course, a football pitch, a community garden to full on landscaping projects, a grounds care person needs the right kit at the right time to get the job done in the best way possible.

Mantis makes tough, outdoor jobs easier and their tiller/cultivator can take the hard graft out of a digging task.

Mantis Tillers Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Mantis still make Tillers and Middlewich Machinery are listed as a dealer on the UK website.. GIve us a call for the latest stock and pricing.
Yes of course. Mantis is a 40 year old Pensylvannian company, who specialise in tillers and composters and are a household name in the gardening world.
Yes it will however, you will need to prepare the ground first by adding 3-4 inches of sand.

You can download these from the Mantis website.

Our Mantis Tillers are around £500.

Contact us today to order your Mantis Tiller or book in for a repair or service.

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