Middlewich Machinery is the expert when choosing a Professional Mower in Cheshire

Weibang Virtue 53 ASD BBC Petrol Lawnmower

Types of Professional Mowers

The world of lawn mowing is a large one!
From smaller, cylinder lawn mowers to robotic mowers, from hover mowers to ride on versions, the choice is vast. Of course, the size of your lawn or greens will dictate which mower is best for you.

Here at Middlewich Machinery, we can advise, repair, sell and service zero turn mowers, ride on mowers and both petrol and battery models.

How Much do Professional Mowers Cost?

Middlewich Machinery can help you with the purchase of the lawn mower that will be the best for you.

The costs vary, anything from £500 to a few thousand.

Middlewich Machinery works with a range of top name brands that suit a number of different requirements.

A Word About Lawn Tractors

These are mighty machines that will be of huge benefit to golf courses and businesses with large grassy areas. Suitable for larger premises including holiday resorts and similar. There are lawn cutting attachments which can also be useful including front rotary blades, triple reel mowers, and wide area mowers.

Which One Do I Need?

This will partly be dictated by the budget, the area of grass that needs looking after and whether the user wants to walk behind or ride their lawn mower. Middlewich Machinery can help you choose and select the best one for your needs.

Still Pondering

If you’re still pondering which one is best for you, get in touch with the Middlewich Machinery team.
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