Backhoes, also known as a loader back hoe or digger, are commonly seen on tractors and Middlewich Machinery can help you select the best one. If own a tractor, then it is known as the tractor loader backhoe or TLB for short.

What is a Backhoe?

As the name suggests, this is usually found at the rear of the tractor and is a bucket attached to a two-part articulated arm.

Sometimes known as a JCB, the section closest to the vehicle or tractor is the boom and the bucket can also be referred to as a dipper.

Backhoe refers to its action rather than its location and the term backhoe is often interchangeable with front end loader.

A tractor or vehicle using this would usually need a swivelling seat.

What Does I Need a Backhoe for?

As with most attachments, you first need to consider a few questions.

Will it be used for commercial ventures? How big is the site you are working on? Is it big job and what is the land like (ie is it level?).

Backhoes can be pricey but reap the rewards with their versatility. From carrying heavy loads to leveling off, from removing weighty materials to helping move timber about, your backhoe can do the job.

Some tractors have a backhoe attached permanently however only choose this option if the tractor is getting used for one single, repetitive job.

Health and Safety

As with all tractor equipment and machinery, safe usage is required at all times. Keep yourself and those around you safe.

  • Only qualified drivers should be using the equipment.
  • Ensure no-one is behind, in front or at the side of you when using any of your backhoe attachment.
  • Be wary of power cables and always remove any attachments when not in use.
  • Inspect the route and be wary of any pot holes or very rough terrain.
  • Always make sure your visibility is good.

Is a Backhoe Suitable for Smaller to Medium Sized Jobs?

The straight answer is yes!

This usually means the vehicle concerned is powerful enough to tackle most jobs of which there are many on golf courses and similar terrains.

Elements to think about are digging depth if applicable; rear bucket width; lifting capability and operating weight.

Tasks backhoes can handle include digging shallow ponds, removing stumps, spread gravel or sand, and even moving small boulders.

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the best equipment for your needs, including information about backhoes.

What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do.

Get in touch with Middlewich Machinery for further information.

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