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Weibang is one of the UK’s leading garden machinery manufacturers and has been a market leader for over 20 years

Middlewich Machinery stocks and sells Weibang products here in the UK.

Using the latest technology, and ensuring the highest quality standards prevail, Weibang is the go-to companies for lawn mowers and premium garden equipment. High performance, compact and reliable, Weibang will help with all your lawn and gardening needs.

Weibang Scarifier

Is Wiebang Suitable for Your Needs?

Weibang has one key element on its side: the British weather!
Equipment, attachments and parts are all made in the UK.

Due to the varied climate, each Weibang machine is built to last and is tested in different conditions.

Weibang products are perfect for lawn care, garden maintenance and related jobs.

They are also known for being quiet and clean while in use. Easy to use, high performance and often multifunctional in terms of applications, Weibang can be your faithful mechanical employee.

Quality, Specification, Performance

Every aspect of a Weibang product include optimum design, delivering excellent results time and again. Garden machinery must be suitable for heavy use, and Weibang design their garden maintenance machines are made to last you a lifetime.

From petrol mowers to battery powered ride-ons, there is something that will suit your needs.

The latest technology is used along with robotic welding equipment for precision product creation.

Weibang Products

Weibang Series

The Weibang Series includes a wide range of products, delivering excellent results every time. With lots of features and benefits, Weibang can make your landscaping jobs easy and quick. Rotary mowers, mulchers, aerators, scarifiers, vacuums, stump grinders, sod cutters, and a full range of attachments and spare parts means your work can continue quickly and efficiently in the event of a piece of equipment requiring repair or maintenance. 


Weibang Intrepid LV 800 Leaf & Litter Vacuum

Weibang Intrepid

Ideal for garden maintenance. The products made are durable, efficient and have a one-year commercial warranty. The Intrepid range includes scarifiers, leaf and litter vacuums, a stump grinder and a lawn aerator.
Weibang Legacy 48 PRO Rear Roller Lawnmower

Weibang Legacy

The legacy range includes superb rear roller lawnmowers.
Weibang Virtue 53 ASD PRO Shaft Drive Lawnmower

Weibang Virtue

Shaft drive lawnmowers, petrol lawnmowers, mulchers and are included in this range. Other products include shaft lawnmowers, 3-speed lawnmowers. If you need a stump grinder then there is one in this range, along with leaf and litter vacuums, scarifiers and mechanical fluids.

Accessories and Merchandise

Enhance the use of your Weibang products with an accessory! These include mulching plugs, high lift blades, and mulch blades. Weibang also recommend a range of oils to help protect the engine of your Weibang product. All components are made to the same high standards. We can also help with gearbox servicing, control panel queries and more.

Why Weibang?

Middlewich Machinery is one of just a handful of Weibang dealerships in the North West of England. We are listed on the Weibang website.

We have the expert knowledge at our fingertips and we can advise as to the best machine for your needs.

Weibang has a UK distribution centre that stocks a full range of spare parts which we can access easily and quickly.

Weibang dealers also have to have full workshop facilities and trained service technicians.

Service and warranty work is carried out to the highest standards keeping your machinery in good working order.

Weibang machines are fully assembled, are inspected prior to delivery, and are registered to help with the smooth running of the machine’s lifespan.

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