Built for a Long Life

The Virtue 46 SM PRO is fitted with a front bumper providing deck protection, robust aluminium ball bearing wheels and heavy duty quick release handles.

Quality Steel Deck

The rolled steel deck on fitted to this mulch mower is specially designed to offer an unrivalled mulching performance as the grass is held in the deck, finely cut and then evenly dispersed onto the lawn

High Performance Mulching Blade

The specially designed blades fitting to the Weibang Virtue mulching mowers help to generate the perfect airflow for the grass cuttings to be held within the deck to be cut into very small pieces

Adjustable Cutting Height

The Weibang Virtue 46 SM PRO lawn mower allows 7 different cutting heights which are selected by using a single lever located on the side of the mower deck

Aluminium Crankshaft Protection

The Virtue 46 SM PRO is equipped with a crankshaft protection system which helps to protect the crank from damage should the mower blade strike a hard object

5 Year Domestic / 1 Year Commercial Warranties

For peace of mind, commercial quality Weibang petrol lawnmowers feature a 5 year domestic or 3 year commercial warranties subject to being serviced annually by a Weibang approved service dealer

Weibang Virtue Mulch Mower 46 SMP | WGMP75

£624.17 Excl. VAT£582.50 Excl. VAT


A quality 18″ mulching lawn mower

  • Powered by a Weibang X166 engine
  • Central cutting height adjustment ranging from 15 – 76 mm
  • 46cm (18″) cutting width
  • PRO single speed wheel drive
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Steel mower deck
  • Front bumper
  • Control cockpit
  • Aluminium crankshaft protection
  • High performance mulch blade

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