Grounds Care Machinery Servicing, Repairs & Parts

Middlewich Machinery has a dedicated, professional and fully equipped service and repair workshop that helps with all aspects of repairing and servicing lawn mowers, tractors, grounds care machinery and utility vehicles.

Our customers trust us and have the confidence in us to do our job to the best standard.

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Why Servicing is Important

Rather like servicing a car, regular checks on your golf course equipment, garden or landscaping machinery will keep things working at their best, so you can do your job.

While there are common elements that need regular help, our team is trained to spot other aspects that might need attention in the future. We always say if you see us just once a year, then we’re doing our job right!

If your machine is under warranty  then having repairs and servicing carried out by an approved dealer like us, will ensure your warranty is still valid.

What Equipment Can You Service?

There are several common elements of grass or land-based machines that need regular attention.

Other equipment that we can repair, service or both include grass strimmers, tractors, ride on/sit on mowers and more.

We can repair or service collar, tee, fairway and rough mowers to the cutting finish you need.

Our teams have a wide variety of skills, knowledge and know-how which can tackle most issues from reels to top dressing equipment.

We can repair in as quick a time as possible and we have access to wide range of OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts so we do the best part possible.

What Are the Most Common Servicing Tasks?

Cylinder Grinding

This is a highly skilled process which requires lots of concentration to get the desired finish.
This is particularly important to greens carers who require the grass to cut to a certain length, meaning the blades have to be precise.

Bearing Replacements and Fuel Pumps

Other common tasks include checking or replacing bearings, oil changes, blocked filters, replacing fuel pumps (particularly if biofuel has passed its optimum usage time).

Transmissions and Drive Chains

Transmission and cable checks are also essential if your vehicle or machinery are operated by a gear mechanism. Drive chains can also get worn over time. These are all essential parts of the mechanics of your vehicle that need checking annually and sometimes more often.

Hydraulic Hoses

Issues with hydraulic hoses can be fairly commonplace and can cause huge issues if not addressed. We check this and ensure it works smoothly.


We can also check, repair and replace exhausted which are … exhausted! This is particularly important for the smooth-running of your vehicle.

What About Electronic Issues?

We can also help with any electronic issues and have access to specialist knowledge if it something that needs expert help.

We have access to digital diagnostics which can detect issues with certain products.

How Do I Get My Machinery Serviced?

We have two dedicated workshops that can service and/or repair separate elements of machinery at the same time so there is less time spent in our workshops.

We also have a man with a van – a Middlewich Machinery van, of course! – who can drive to your place of work if needed.

This means we visit you at a time that is best for you, which is particularly beneficial for very large pieces of machinery.

This mobile repair facility can be a very popular part of our business, so it’s best to call us to book as soon as possible.

Can You Service Other Grounds Care Equipment?

If you have a handheld or back pack blower, backhoes, loaders, brush-cutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmer and other products, we can help.

We also have access to different chemicals which as stored safely ready for us to use if needed.

Are There Good Times of Year to Book a Service?

For golf course managers and greensmen or women, the winter can be a good time of year before the start of the growing season.

For landowners and farmers, you can have your vehicle or machinery serviced between your busy times and of course you might need all aspects of your equipment checking at certain times.

We have access to a good selection of spare parts too, helping keep us – and you – efficient.

Turf Care Machinery Parts

As distributors for many makes of turf care machinery we carry a large range of genuine parts and any non-stock items are readily available. We provide a friendly and reliable service. Lines we stock include : Blades, batteries, belts, oil, spark plugs, filters, gaskets and much more.

How Do I Get in Touch?

You can call us, email us or fill in our contact form below.