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Middlewich Machinery helps a wide range of clients and customers involved in the outdoor maintenance sector

The jobs in this line of work are numerous and while the locations and places might vary, there are many common denominators.

These include types of equipment you need, the task you need to complete each week or month, and the types of tasks you need to achieve on the terrain you are working with.

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Who Are Our Customers?

From estate managers, local authorities to professional landscapers and contractors we can help and offer a targeted, efficient service.

We are also experienced in the field of golf course management, landscaping and contractors’ obligations.

Helping Gardeners

As a domestic gardener, you will need a tool kit to help you keep your garden looking great. Depending on the size of the garden, the kit you need will vary. If you are looking after a small garden, then you might only need some essentials such as a lawn mower, hoe, a hedge trimmer, spades, forks and similar. The larger the garden, the more work is involved. Caring for a large garden is a big task and you will need equipment to match. We can help with repairs, maintenance and sales of numerous items.

Helping Landscapers

From planting shrubs to preparing for other infrastructure, your tools are key to your trade and to the success of your business. For the best results, landscapers need brands they can trust and a local expert to help them buy the right or hire products for the right price. And if something needs a repair or a service, you need someone who can help you as fast as possible.

Helping Grounds Care

Grounds care is a complex role with many different aspects. Depending on the terrain which is under your care, you will need many different types of equipment. We can advise as to which type would be the best for you and also keep everything in working order.

Helping Sports and Bowling

Seasonal sports come and go throughout the year. There will be times when your bowling green or sports pitch will be very well used. Get ready for those times and ensure the teams using them get the best results. All our equipment is manufactured by trusted and well-known brands. Our knowledge is also second to none, and we are here to help when needed.

Helping Local Authorities

Caring for parks, gardens, verges and amenity sites is a challenge. With budgets to consider, deadlines to meet and ever-changing priorities, keeping your equipment and tools in excellent working order is an essential responsibility. Local authorities also have to tackle the after effects of the weather: strong winds, heavy rain, hot sunshine and harsh frosts all bring their own problems. With the right support and help, your team can deliver time and again.

Helping Estate Management

With a long heritage, estate management is no easy task. The job relies on skills, a reliable workforce and a fleet of vehicles or equipment that can be relied upon day after day. From purchasing a ride on mower to bigger plant machinery, you need to right advice and support.

Helping Contractors

Helping contractors get the job done by understanding the complexities of the job, from constructing a new golf course to reshaping existing gardens or grounds. These bigger jobs need the best plant vehicles and a team that will help you when you need them.

How Do We Care for Our Customers?

We stock and sell top name, reliable brands of gardening equipment. We can also repair and service garden, golf and grounds care machinery.

We have a dedicated workshop and work with brands such as Kioti, Weibang and Cramer along with other well-known makes.

How Do I Get In Touch?

You can call us, email us or click the contact us button below and fill in our contact form in the contact page.

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