Professional Garden Tools & Equipment in Cheshire

With enviable knowledge and expertise, Middlewich Machinery can help with all your professional garden tools and equipment needs. Middlewich Machinery is your best source of garden equipment, machinery, garden tools, attachments, and servicing contracts. We also have a repair workshop here in Cheshire and fully fitted vans for on site repairs.

What types of Gardening Tools & Equipment are there?

The range of equipment is large and varied. As well as working with premier brands, such as Hayter, Toro, Weibang, Echo, we can advise and obtain brush cutters, chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawn aerators, leaf blowers, machine accessories, scarifiers, stump grinders, utility carts and tillers. Middlewich Machinery also has a range of electric hand tools for gardening tasks. As a professional gardener or contractor, rather like a chef’s knives, you’ll need a reliable set of garden tools and equipment, all of which must be looked after and serviced regularly.

Which Equipment Do I Need ?

Professional garden equipment will help you maintain the excellent standards of your work and will help you get all those jobs done in the best time possible.

The Middlewich Machinery team can also offer excellent advice as to what types of garden tools and equipment will suit your needs. If you are a professional landscape gardener, head gardener, or a contractor chances are you’ll need at least one, if not more, of the following tools.

What Are the Benefits Types of Lawn, Garden and Grounds Care Equipment?

If you have a gardening or groundscare business, or you have a large domestic garden to care for, the benefits of choosing excellent quality garden tools, equipment and machinery will ensure you save time, get better results and have items that will last.
Cramer Brushcutters


Suitable for clearing overgrown grass, weeds and small hedges. We stock well-known brands. Brush cutters are sometimes known as trimmers and pruners.

Cramer Chainsaw


Chainsaws are portable and are powered by petrol, electric or by a battery pack. This equipment should be used with care as it has a set of teeth attached to a rotating. Great for safety assessed tree felling, removal of tree limbs, pruning, and more. See our range of chainsaws.

hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmers

Perhaps one of the most used pieces of gardening tools! This machine is also known as a shrub trimmer or a bush/shrub trimmer. Versatile, they can be used for keeping hedgerows neat and tidy, clearing overgrown grass and more. There are a number of different specifications available.

Weibang Lawn Aerator | WB457 AB

Lawn Aerators

Essential for a healthy lawn, a lawn aerator allows nutrients, air and water to sink into grass and lawns. It helps to reduce compaction. Why not browse our range of lawn aerators?

Cramer Leaf Blower

Leaf Blowers

One of those pieces of garden machinery that can save hours of time. Handheld or backpack varieties available, leaf blowers can be used in most gardens and outdoor spaces, patios, pathways, helping move unwanted debris.

Weibang accessories

Machine Accessories

Once you’ve purchased gardening tools and machinery then you’ll need additional accessories including blades, chargers, batteries and more.

Weibang Intrepid WB384RB Scarifier

Grass or Lawn Scarifier

Often confused with ‘rakes’, scarifiers remove stubborn moss, fallen leaves, grass cuttings. Scarifiers have a plastic cylinder to which metal blades are attached. Sometimes a scarifier can also help with the aeration of the lawn or grass area.

Stump grinder

Stump Grinder

This powerful piece of equipment is used to remove the stump of a tree by chipping away at the wood by using a rotating disk. Stump grinders vary in size and power.

Cramer Utility Cart

Utility Carts

A useful outdoor item! Usually these are small vehicles that transport tools, accessories and other items around the garden. This saves hours of time and legwork.

Mantis Deluxe 4-Stroke Tiller with Kickstand


Tillers help break up hard, compact ground soil so there is a loose surface which can be used for planting. There are front-tine and rear-tine varieties. Some also have a kickstand so it can stand alone while you work.

How Quickly Can You Get Hold of Our Garden Equipment?

We have a good selection of stock to hand. We can obtain other products within a few days. Middlewich Machinery is known for its efficient, reliable and professional service to all customers.

Which is the Best?

Middlewich Machinery includes a range of top name brands that suit a number of different requirements. The best and most efficient way of getting the professional garden equipment for your business or home is to decide your budget and make a full list of the tasks you wish to do.

Still Pondering?

If you’re still pondering, get in touch with the Middlewich Machinery team.