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What are the different types of tractors we have for sale?

From sub-compact to compact or mini tractors to large tractors, there is a vehicle that will suit your grounds, smallholding or landscaping needs. A stunning golf course or football pitch are the end result of lots of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Middlewich Machinery based in Cheshire, can help you find the right tractor and tractor attachments so you get excellent results.

From compact utility tractors, commercial mowers to large, versatile tractors, we can help. Tractors can help make grounds care and sports turf management so easy, saving you time and giving you great results every time. From farm to orchard tractors, garden to industrial, row crop to utility, there’s a mind-boggling array of tractors on the market. The trick is to get the one that’s best for your needs. With our skills and expertise, we can help and you can either hire or buy our products.

Need any help choosing a compact tractor?

Sub Compact, Compact and Large Tractors

Depending on the tasks you need to complete, there is a tractor suitable for the job! Large tractors are complex machines that are strong and very heavy, with both tyre and track options. These are usually found on major projects such as dam building, construction sites, quarry work and similar. These enormous, imposing vehicles are perfect for earth-moving contracts where vast quantities of soil, sand or stone need to be moved.

These tractors tend of have heavy duty attachments to get the best results. Sub compact or compact tractors are very utilitarian and are capable of completing a number of outdoor tasks including pulling of equipment, achievable with different tractor attachments.


How Do I Choose the Right Tractor?

The best way to decide is to firm up in your mind the jobs you need your tractor to do. Decide its main purposes and this will help you narrow down the options. Then you need to consider how the tractor itself is made. Do you want something easy to drive? Does someone need to walk alongside it?   After deciding the above then the next thing to consider is the type of drive: wheel type or track type. Also think about the number of wheels: two, three or four wheels?

For most golf settings, soft landscaping or large-scale gardens, the wheel options are best. Mostly used for agricultural settings, wheeled tractors are good for gardening, cultivation, small farms and similar.

Think of Storage Space

Size is important! Rather like when you choose your car, can it fit into your garage, on your drive, through the gateway … or not? Also, we always advise keeping tractors undercover is possible. This is something many people overlook.

What About the Power?

So, if you are tempted by a higher HP, it’s time to be practical and ask yourself, do you really need it? Growers and similar occupation tend to need something between 14 and 20 horse power. This will suit most golf, sports pitches and landscaping needs.

Wheels, Hydrostatic or Belts?

If you choose the wheeled tractor, then these can last a long time if properly driven, used and maintained. Some models also include shear pins and slip clutches that help reduce accidental damage. Some tractors have hydrostatic transmission, which gives them a faster speed. They also have hydraulic fluid. Some tractor models have belt drives which can over time stretch and need replacing.

Getting Attached!

Consider the tasks you need doing in your outdoor space. Then research or ask us about the tractor attachments you will need. Is the tractor capable of having the attachments fixed to them? How easy are the attachments to fit and remove, then clean? Will it be time consuming? Compact tractors are sometimes limited in terms of attachment possibilities so ask us for details. Also consider the axle capacity and how durable it will be.

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Still Pondering

If you’re still pondering which tractor is best for you, get in touch with the Middlewich Machinery team for great advice and a demo of our different models.
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