Mower Decks

Ideal for lawns, golfing greens, parks and gardens, a mower deck is the part of the lawn mower which protects the user and the engine from the sharp blades. Some models and makes have interchangeable mower decks, and here at Middlewich Machinery, we can advise you as the best option for your needs.

Why Do I Need a Mower Deck?

The main reason is to keep you safe and the engine in good working order. You must have a mower deck and have a slow-moving vehicle emblem on the back.

What are Mower Decks Made From?

Mower decks can be made from certain types of plastic, steel and aluminium alloy. The plastic ones are cheaper and are therefore found on cheaper, smaller machines.

This type of mower deck is lightweight and water resistant. The plastic variety can be very tough as some polymers can be just as strong as metal, depending on the brand or make.

Steel mower decks tend to be found on petrol machines. These are suitable for large lawns or more challenging mowing jobs. Often treated with powder paint, this helps prevent corrosion and this type of mower deck can withstand impacts well.

Aluminium alloys mower decks can fetch the highest price tag. Strong, good quality and anti-corrosive, this is usually used on premium models and makes.

Are Mower Decks Adjustable?

Yes, some model has the adjustable mower deck. This means the blade can be moved up or down so the user can adjust how much grass is cut. When the mower itself is not in use, it is worth checking the mower deck is securely attached.

Do Mower Decks Vary in Size?

Yes, they vary according to the size of the mower itself. The width of the deck is the key element.

Smaller mowers may have just a single blade. Larger ones have two or three blades which are longer and can lift if the mower is travelling over a non-lawn surface.

What About Tow-Behind Mowers?

These types of mowers might have a mower deck that is similar to an industrial mower and can be hitched to a tractor or quad bike.

Health and Safety

As with all vehicles and machinery safe usage is of paramount importance.
Ensuring the mower driver is in excellent working condition and that the driver or user is fully qualified to drive it are the minimum requirements.

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the mower decks for your needs, including information about the different types and sizes.
What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do.

Elevate your mower’s efficiency with premium mower decks from Middlewich Machinery. Attain a flawless, precise cut every time for a perfectly manicured lawn.