Ideal For: Councils & Large Amenity Areas, Contractors, Polo Pitches, Racecourses, Sports Turf, Turf Farms, Schools & University & Airfields

The Wessex RMX PROLINE TRI-DECK machines have set a new benchmark in high output roller mowers. Incorporating all the benefits of the popular rigid deck units into one superb machine, these mowers are the perfect choice for the council and local authority contractor.


  • FULL-WIDTH ROLLERS – Follows ground contours accurately, leaving a professional striped effect on the turf.
  • 5MM HEAVY PRESSED STEEL DECK – Integral strength for long service life. Sandblasted and powder coated for maximum durability.
  • SIMPLE CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Single-spanner operation allows infinite cutting height variation. Greaseable threads are enclosed beneath the deck to protect it from debris.
  • TWIN BELT DRIVE – For maximum power transmission to cope with larger volumes of grass.
  • ROLLER SCRAPER – Keeps rollers free of debris build-up.
  • ANGLED ROTOR BAFFLES – Ensure even grass distribution across the full width of the machine.
  • ANTI-SCALP DISCS – Eliminate scalping and protect the turf when cutting very low.
  • CAST ROLLER END CAPS WITH DUAL TAPER BEARINGS – Ensure a long service life, as they are designed to withstand side thrust when turning during mowing. Keep maintenance costs to a minimum, as components can be replaced individually.
  • GOLDCUT BLADES – Zone-hardened precision blades spin at 96m/sec for premium cut quality at a fast-forward speed. Blades pivot to minimise stone damage and have an upturn to generate the suction effect.
  • REAR STEER DECK PIVOTS TO FOLLOW DIRECTION OF TRAVEL – Patented design reduces turf damage while ensuring no uncut strips of grass.
  • INDEPENDENT FLOAT ON ALL DECKS – Superb ground-contour following.
  • THE LARGEST WHEELS & TURF TYRES – For minimal ground compaction.
  • PREMIUM CUT – High blade tip speed gives superb results every time.
  • REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION – Save up to 50% in fuel costs.
  • PROLIFT SYSTEM – Partial deck lift for crossing paths, headland turns and cross-cut.
  • LED LIGHTING WITH STROBE AS STANDARD – Long service life and optimal lighting. Numberplate mounting position included.

Wessex RMX Tri-Deck Mowers RMX-500-G2 | RMX-620-G2 | RMX-680-G2 | RMX-800-G2

From £38,550.00 Excl. VAT

  • It is proven to produce the finest cut quality on the Market – the best presentation in all weather conditions.
  • It has the largest wheels and tyres – for minimal ground compaction
  • The narrowest transport width – imperative for transporting between jobs
  • The strongest and most reliable drive transmission – Means less downtime
  • Lower tractor hp requirements – from just 60hp
  • Minimal grease points – reduced maintenance
  • Led lighting with strobe as standard – long service life and optimal lighting. Numberplate mounting position included.
  • Prolift – allows simple partial deck lift for crossing paths. Fitted as standard

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