Mulching Mowers

Mulching Mowers are an essential machine for any professional gardener, landscaper or contractor.

What is a Mulching Mower?

A mulching mower or lawnmower is specially designed to cut and drop on grass, lawns,  sports pitches, golfing greens and turf with fine clippings that are then recycled by the mower.  The mower circulates the clippings in a vortex, then blows the clippings back onto the grass providing moisture and fertilising nutrients for the benefit of a more disease-resistant lawn.

Are There Different Types  of Mulching Mower?

There are different specifications for mulching mowers. This type of mower is powered by a petrol engine, (sometimes a powerful battery) and has an adjustable central cutting height. With heavy duty wheels, a steel mower deck, a high-performance mulch blade, a good cutting width and central cockpit, mulching mowers can help all types of gardeners and landscape designers.

Who Uses a Mulching Mower?

Anyone who looks after lawns, large areas of grass, public parks, golf courses and fairways, sports fields and pitches, then a mulching mower is an ideal, useful piece of machinery for you.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Mulching Mower?

They can be quick to do the job. This works in a similar way to a compost, so in short it can mean you keep your grass and grassy areas fed evenly so they look their best. Another benefit is not needing to use the brown wheelie bin as much ! Mulching mowers can be use on verges and other areas.

Mulching Mowers at Middlewich Machinery

We are proud to provide Weibang, one of the best-known brands of mulching mowers. Get in touch today with our team so we can help you.