• Independant PTO
    • Automatic PTo (when engaged PTO on and off with lift arm movement)
    • Creep speed on mechanical transmission model and HST
    • 2 x double acting rear spool valves standard (option of detent valve)
    • Front loader Joystick giving 2 x double acting valves at front
    • Syncromesh gearchange on mechanical model
    • Foldable rear ROPS

Grammer seat
Stationary PTO engine runs when operator out of seat
Cruise PTO and linked pedal on HST model

For full use of the loaders, the tractor must be equipped with a protective structure against falling objects or, falling that a 4 post security ROPS
or approved cabin. If this Is not the case the dealer must warn the customer about the limits and the serious risks involved If these limits are
not respected. A counter weight for the rear of the tractor maybe required.

KIOTI TRACTOR DK4520 / DK5020 / DK6020 Rear ROPS

From £29,400.00 Excl. VAT

Model without wheels

Transmission: Mechanical or Hydrostatic
Speeds: 16 Forward / 16 reverse / 3 Range HST
PTO: Rear 540 and 540 RPM Eco
Engine: Rear 540 RPM 3-Cylinders 1835 cc CRDI KIOTI Stage V with DPF
Maximum Lift capacity: 1700 kg. at arms Cat 2

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