Cramer - Battery-powered equipment for professional landscapers

Middlewich Machinery works with Cramer to help with your lawn and grounds maintenance.Cramer was founded in 1835 and over the decades has delivered the highest quality tools, accessories and equipment for gardening and landscaping equipment for professional applications. In 2017, Globe Group became the majority shareholder of Cramer.

The focus is not on fossil fuels, and is more about greener, rechargeable battery technology. This gives Cramer the edge in terms of flexibility of use and for those seeking a more ecologically-friendly garden equipment fleet.

Cramer products therefore don’t rely on petrol and still deliver excellent results.

Is Cramer Suitable for Your Needs?

Cramer products are used by professional landscapers, greens keepers, gardeners and smallholder all around the UK.

Quality, Specification, Performance

Superb performance, excellent specification and without annoying cables or leads means there is no compromise even in the toughest terrains and conditions. Efficiency, quality and good capacity are guaranteed.

Cramer Products

Due to the efficient developments in the Cramer range, their products have just three overall series specifications: 40V, 82V and Robotics. Here at Middlewich Machinery we will be focusing on the 82V range.