Stump Grinder

Stump grinders grind down tree stumps, bush stumps and similar obstacles and are used by professional landscapers, gardeners, tree surgeons and contractors.

What Does a Stump Grinder Do?

A stump grinder makes light work of a stubborn tree or bush stump that is otherwise difficult to remove. The stump grinder uses a powerful rotating blade that chews on the wood, cutting into small pieces.

Why Use A Stump Grinder?

Once a tree has been felled, there is usually a stump left behind, which can be a health and safety hazard. You need to have full knowledge of how to use a stump grinder as it is a very powerful piece of equipment, and protective equipment must be worn. The area around the stump will also need to be cleared of debris such as rocks, stones and similar. The aim is to use the stump grinder so the stump is no longer a risk or an obstruction. Removing the stump also reduces the risk of unwanted fungi growing around the stump itself. 

How Does  a Stump Grinder Work?

These powerful machines must be used correctly. Professional stump grinders include the powerful covered blade, handles, engine and lever that reduce the stump right down.Stump grinders vary in size and run on either petrol or diesel.

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