Tillers are an essential piece of machinery for contractors and gardeners who run an outdoor business. 

What is a Tiller?

Tillers include a powerful motor and come in rear and front tine models. Rear tillers have tines, or rotating metal blades, at the back. These are easy to move about. Rear tillers are good for larger areas that need to be tilled. Front tillers are better for smaller gardens. 

When Can a Tiller Be Used?

Tillers are best used for breaking up hard ground. This can be due to the soil type, hard ground following very little rainfall, or areas that have not been tilled for some time. Breaking up the ground is a good way of preparing for planting.

Can A Tiller Be Useful for Bedding Plant Preparation?

Yes, the right type of tiller is essential for preparing garden beds. Healthy soil benefits from tilling, and makes seed planting much easier to carry out and complete. Where possible, remove large stones, rocks and similar obstructions. 

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