Front-end Loaders & Attachments

What Do I Need a Tractor Front End Loader For?

The main task is to move lots of heavy materials about including snow, soil, manure, compost and similar. Common tasks that are connected with using front end loaders of this type include scooping or skimming. Once you get to grips with your front end loader you can also grade materials.

If you are the owner of an outdoor area, a small holding, a farm, golf course or similar, then chances are you’re responsible for a lot of jobs.

Health and Safety

As with all tractor equipment and machinery, safe usage is of the highest priority.
As well as keeping yourself safe, think of others around you. Also correct usage ensures no damage is done to your attachments or agricultural vehicle.

  • Ensure no-one is behind, in front or at the side of you when using any of your tractor front end loader attachments.
  • Other elements to consider are ensuring your wheels are at the right setting, making sure you’re carrying any loads at a low level.
  • Be wary of power cables and always remove any attachments when not in use.
  • Inspect the route and be wary of any pot holes etc.

Can a Tractor Front Loader have other attachments?

Yes! Other pieces of kit include bale grappler, clamshell bucket, bucket teeth, forks, or a pallet fork. Bucket teeth are handy for digging, while forks can transform your tractor into a temporary forklift up to certain weights. Bale spears does what is says on the tin and is a tapered spear that can penetrate and lift a hay bale. Be wary of the restrictions of this attachment; i.e., use a suitable spear for the bales you need to shift. A grapple is hydraulically powered ‘jaws’ and is great for log shifting.

How can Middlewich Machinery Help?

We can advise you as to the best tractor attachments for your needs. What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do. Get in touch with Middlewich Machinery for further information.

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