Swing Blade DesignWeibang Scarifier Commercial Swing Tip Blades

The scarifying blades fitted to the Weibang WB486 CRB petrol scarifier are manufactured from carbon steel for maximum strength and thatch and moss removal performance. The swing tip design of the blades mean that if a hard object is struck accidently such as a hidden rock or tree root, the blade will simply swing back to protect the machine from any damage.

Commercial Quality Briggs & Stratton Engine

The Weibang Intrepid WB486CRB lawn scarifiers are fitted with high performance Briggs & Stratton 750E Series engines which provide the optimum power and reliability which are required for the demanding scarifying jobs professional gardeners and contractors may encounter.

Maximum Strength & Durability

The heavy duty components used during the manufacturing process ensure that the Intrepid WB486CRB scarifier provides a long working life. With features such as the industrial strength bearings which support the scarifier / dethatcher cassette and a powder coated steel body ensure maximum reliability, even when used on the most demanding commercial jobs.

Transport Mode

To enable the WB486 CRB scarifier to be moved safely to and from the working area, the integrated transport position raises the scarifying blades preventing damage to the machine and the ground.

Achieve A Healthier Greener Lawn

Scarifying the lawn once or twice a year can greatly improve the overall appearance and health of your garden lawn. As you scarify the lawn using the Intrepid WB486CRB, the swing tip blades rotate rapidly, scraping the surface of the ground to efficiently remove the build up of moss and thatch. By dethatching the lawn, light, water and essential nutrients have easier access to the grass roots promoting the growth of a attractive, thicker lawn.

5 Year Domestic / 1 Year Commercial Warranties

For peace of mind, WEIBANG Intrepid WB486CRB petrol powered scarifiers are supplied with a 1-year commercial warranty. For private homeowner use, a 5-year domestic warranty is supplied subject to being serviced annually by a WEIBANG® Official Dealer.

Weibang Intrepid Scarifier 486 CRB | WGVT02

£1,040.83 Excl. VAT£974.17 Excl. VAT


A heavy-duty, professional quality scarifier featuring a 46cm working width making it suitable for use on large lawns.

  • Commercial quality Briggs & Stratton 750 Series engine for high performance and great reliability
  • Robust, heavy duty powder coated steel chassis to ensure a long working life
  • A 46cm wide working width for effective scarifying in large gardens
  • 28 carbon steel swing tip blade design for efficient removal of thatch and dead organic material from the lawn surface
  • Fully adjustable lawn raking depth to ensure optimum results on the lawn
  • Suitable for professional gardeners and contractors with a 1 year commercial warranty supplied

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