The 36.3cm³ professional grade ECHO engine at the heart of the SRM-3611T/U is a power house designed specifically for heavy duty commercial application. Combine this with the high torque gear case and you have a tool that’s exceptional for heavy duty commercial work. High torque regulates the RPM to ensure consistent and precise cutting through varying conditions. This means whether you’re moving through short grass or tall, thick brush that clean cut won’t be compromised. U handle brushcutters offer increased comfort over long jobs. Connect to a harness to support the unit’s weight and provide a fixed range of movement, allowing you to effortlessly get into the flow of work. The SRM-3611T/U is built for professionals from the ground up.

The new ECHO engine design provides:

  • High power
  • High torque
  • High durability
  • Good acceleration
  • Low noise
  • Low maintenance cycle
  • Ease of maintenance

Echo 36cc Brushcutter / Trimmer – SRM-3611T/U

£632.50 Excl. VAT£549.17 Excl. VAT


Industry leading high powered professional U-handle brushcutter with high torque. Exceptional cutting performance with high torque for tackling those difficult jobs. The ECHO SRM-3611T/U is a powerful trimmer designed for commercial application. Exceptional cutting performance with high torque for tackling those difficult jobs. Featuring a lightweight yet robust frame alongside a large fuel tank and heavy duty air filter, you’ll spend less time on maintenance and more time getting jobs done. The U handle version is slightly heavier than its loop handle counterpart.

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