Hedge Trimmer

Hedges are commonplace and as a living, growing organism, rather like lawns, they need regular pruning and cutting.
A common sight is overgrown hedges which encroach onto footpaths, neighbouring gardens and they look unsightly.

What Are Hedge Trimmers?

This piece of equipment can make short work of an unwieldly hedge.
They usually consist of a handheld motor and a long blade.
There are three main types of hedge trimmers.
Corded electric hedge trimmers are connected to the electricity supply via a cord. This means you need to consider the height of your hedge and the distance from the power source.
Or could go for the cordless battery option.
If you really do mean business then the petrol machine could be the one for you.
There are also double sided or single sided hedge trimmers.
As a rule, single sided machines are the best for long, straight hedge growth.
Double sided allow the user to alter the direction of cutting and are a bit more flexible in terms of usage.

What About Safety?

There is always the risk of cutting through the cable if you opt for the electric option. There is a residual-current circuit breaker, or an RCCB, which you can purchase.

This is to help prevent accidents if you accidentally cut through the power cable.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmers

Much quieter than their counterparts, you have more flexibility as to where you can use this type of hedge trimmer.
This type of hedge trimmer will need to be recharged on a regular basis.
Be aware than many battery-powered hedge trimmers are useful for domestic use; there are some professional models and brands available too.

Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Suitable for big gardens and professional gardeners.
Due to the own independent engine, they can be used just about anywhere, which is the best for those sites that are spread out and cover a large geographical area.
Remember this type of trimmer is heavy due to the engine it includes.
Petrol hedge trimmers are not as ecologically friendly either.
Refuelling the petrol hedge trimmer can take some practice.
As with all petrol engine products, safe storage of fuel is essential.

Different Blades

A selection of blades is available, with varying lengths and tooth gaps.
Tooth gaps refer to the gaps between the teeth on the blade.

How Much Do Hedge Trimmers Cost?

Costs vary, anything from £150 for smaller, domestic trimmers to several thousand for professional ones, including ones that can be attached to tractors.

Health and Safety

As with all machinery safe usage is of paramount importance.
Hedge trimmers should be used safely at all times.
Always have full training first before using them.
Some hedge trimmers are heavier than others and as such can be more difficult to use.

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the best hedge trimmers for your needs.
What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do.

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