Battery Lawn Mowers

Battery lawnmowers are one of the essential machines for domestic customers and also are the lynchpin for commercial gardeners, landscapers and commercial contractors.

What is a Battery Lawn Mower?

This lawn mower is powered by a battery avoiding the need for cables. This cordless type of lawn mower is available in a number of specifications, from walk behind, push and ride-on versions.

What Are the Advantages For Contractors?

The battery lawn mower is a great choice for contractors and commercial gardeners and outdoor workers.  The battery lawn mower is the best choice due to the ability to charge the machine with electricity, similar to an electric car. Battery lawn mowers cost less to run and they are much more cost effective as prices are now coming down. Upfront cost savings include not needing to buy fuel once the battery and mower are purchased. The battery lawn mower is also much quieter to use.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Operating a battery lawn mower might need a bit more planning so the charge does not run out before the job is finished.

How Long Does a Battery Last?

With careful usage, a battery can last over five years, while a mower can last up to a decade if regularly serviced. Charging battery lawn mowers will  need to be part of the daily routine. 

Battery Lawn Mowers at Middlewich Machinery

Middlewich Machinery works alongside lawn mower brands Cramer and Weibang. With ride-on, self-propelled and twin blade machines, we have a good choice for you.