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What is a Ride On Mower?

Perfect for a golf course, larger garden, grassed area, a ride on mower can be an efficient and quick solution to keeping your lawns trimmed and cut.
Sometimes called a ride-on front mower, the user occupies a seat while operating at the front mounted mowing deck.

When is a Ride On Mower the Best Option?

If you have a lawn or grassy areas that have lots of obstacles or non-grass areas such as bunkers, ride-on mowers are a good option.
With some options, and with cutting decks that are low to the ground, you can even cut underneath benches and similar garden furniture.

What About the User?

Ride on mowers usually offer the user a good view of their surroundings.
The ride on mowers is often good for stability as it has a low centre of gravity.
They also do the job in the fraction of the time of a walk along or walk behind mower.

How much does one cost?

With convenience comes cost.
Ride-on mowers can cost from £1,500 upwards.
It also depends on the size of the grassy areas you want to maintain.
They are great for golf courses and sports fields and pitches.

Are There Different Types?

Yes, there are numerous different types and Middlewich Machinery can advise which one might be best for you.
Different models include rear engine riders (sometimes known as riding mowers).
Then there’s the rear collect ride on (sometimes called a rear collect tractor).
There is also the zero-turn mower.
Mower deck sizes and widths will vary according to each brand and model.

What Other Aspects Do I Need to Know?

As with all equipment, health and safety is essential.
This includes safe storage of your ride on mower.
Regular servicing and repairs will also be of benefit.
Also consider the weight and size of your ride on mower.
Will it be part of your mowing fleet or will it be your sole mower

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the best ride on mowers for your needs.
There are a number of factors to consider including price, the jobs you need to do and how often you will use it.

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