Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn mowers are ideal for professional groundskeepers and gardeners. This piece of outdoor machinery is the ideal mower with maneuverability and speed.

What Is A Zero Turn Mower?

A zero-turn mower is a lawn mower that has its mowing deck at the front of the machine.  Zero turn means it can turn on a tiny radius, making them perfect for grass cutting without needing a tractor. They are also smaller and more affordable than a lawn tractor.

What Types of Zero Mower Are There?

There are various types of zero turn lawn mower. These machines include ride on and walk behind models.

How Do They Work?

Zero turn mowers usually have a four-wheel drive. The smaller wheels are at the front, the larger at the back. Steering is operated by operator handles which control the wheels. This ensures the turning circle is tiny.

What are the Advantages or Benefits of Using a Zero Turn Mower? 

This type of garden machinery is best used for mowing open sports fields, wide grassed areas and should be operated by someone with experience. They can be very fast, mowing acres of grass in a short time.

When is a Zero Turn Mower Not Suitable?

If the land you are using this machinery for is very uneven then this is not the mower to use. Training is mandatory for many users. Wet turf or grass is not suitable for a zero turn as the wheels tend to spin. They are not great on sloped areas, too, as they’re not suitable to inclines as this type of mower can tip over.

Are There Any Attachments for  Zero Turn Mowers?

Various attachments are available  including collection systems, mulching kits and more. 

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