Cramer 82ZTC152 – 82V Commercial 152cm Ride-on OPTIMUS Z (Zero-Turn)

High Productivity & Manoeuvrability

Thanks to the zero-turn design with 5 kW twin wheel motors, the 82ZTC152 can turn on the spot for exceptional manoeuvrability in tight spaces and around obstacles. With a fully variable forward speed of up to 25.6 km/h operators can cover open spaces quickly.

All Day Mowing

The Cramer 82ZTC152 uses an advanced 82V 24kWh battery pack for all day mowing on a single charge. Cover areas of up to 85,000 m2 (8 hours of mowing) in comfort and without stopping. The mower also features 1 USB and 1 USB-C port and an electrical ETO attachment point for powering and connecting 82V tools for greater versatility and off grid power.

152 cm Cutting Deck

The wide 152 cm cutting deck is fabricated from heavy duty steel and features 3 blades, each powered by a high torque 1.8 kW digital brushless motor, offering a consistent 3,200 rpm blade speed and exceptional cutting finish.

Cramer 82ZTC152 – 82V Commercial 152cm Ride-on OPTIMUS Z (Zero-Turn) (Tool Only)

£24,999.99 Excl. VAT

Note: This is Compatible with 82V Batteries only

The 82ZTC152 is Cramer’s flagship commercial zero turn mower designed for professional landscapers and landowners who demand the ultimate in performance and durability.

Available on back-order

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