Four Wheeled Mowers

Four wheeled lawn mowers are one of the most popular types of lawn mower. Used by contractors, gardeners, landscapers  and with versatile usage, these can be an asset to any outdoor worker.

What is a 4-Wheeled Mower?

This type of rotary mower is transportable on four sturdy wheels which support the mowing mechanism.

Who Uses a Four-Wheeled Mower?

Four wheeled mowers are an essential part of a domestic gardener’s or landscape designer’s machinery collection. They make smaller lawn and grassed areas much easier to cut providing an excellent finish. They can be used by just about anyone who has a garden or land.

Why are Four Wheeled Mowers Useful?

While some parkland, golf courses and sports pitches would be too large for this type of mower, there are smaller areas that need a superb finish. The four wheeled mower is very useful on slopes as they offer a better grip. This type of mower is also lighter and easier to move about.

Where Can Four Wheeled Mowers Be Used?

If you have a variety of grass conditions such as verges, hedgerows, trees, bushes, water features or similar, then the four wheeled mower can give a neat finish. They can often be seen used in parks and gardens, on estates, on campsites and in public amenity areas.

Four Wheeled Mowers at Middlewich Machinery.

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