With cutting performance on par with the CS-2511WES, long run times and quick charge times you’ll power through jobs. The Advanced motor control maintains high cutting performance in actual cutting range. 0.043 gauge bar and chain provides sharp and smooth cutting, whilst the brushless motor gives long lasting and maintenance free operation. Being a cordless tool means it’s quiet, emissions free and low vibration, making it the perfect choice for work in noise sensitive areas.

The 50V Lithium ion battery generates power equivalent to the CS-2511WES, meaning you get quiet, low vibration and emissions free professional grade performance.

The DCS-2500 has been designed specifically for professional arborists undertaking the most grueling of commercial work. Features are designed to make your work easier and increase your productivity.

Echo 56v Rear Handle Chainsaw Professional – DCS-2500

£357.50 Excl. VAT£315.00 Excl. VAT

  • Light weight
    Engineered to weigh less whilst retaining robust durability
  • Low noise
    Suitable for use in noise sensitive areas
  • Low vibration
    Generates significantly less vibrations than petrol products.

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