Wessex Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders

With a 270-litre capacity, the ATV spreader can tackle any type of surface you face. Its capable tyres and the possibility to hitch it to ATVs and road vehicles means its versatile nature makes it the ideal piece of machinery to spread fertiliser or salt.

There is also a flow gate to control the release of fertiliser or salt. An agitator in the hopper improves material flow while the optional winter kit is invaluable for the accurate spreading of free-flowing granular salt.

Wessex ATV Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders | FS-270-TP

£1,495.00 Excl. VAT

The ATV spreader, once attached to the leading vehicle, has the ability to spread over multiple terrain types such as paddocks, lawns and driveways with ease.

Available on back-order

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