The Wessex WFM tractor flail mowers are well suited for any job which you throw at it. Its robust and rigid frame allows for solid and uniform passing using its powerful mulching system.

The hammer flails within the WFM tractor flail mowers allow for a complete pulverisation of any shrubbery or dense vegetation within a glimpse of struggle. Ideal for use across varied terrain, these tractor flail mowers are highly suited for:

  • Private estates
  • Fields
  • Rural pathways

Ensuring you’re able to look after the land by providing fresh mulch for the ground below, as well as tidying up the scenery, gives the space a new breath of life. The reliability of this piece of machinery makes sure you can always control the level of wilderness you can tackle on a regular basis.

These machines can be used in-line or offset and are best guided by compact tractors from 18hp. The range of Wessex WFM tractor flail mowers is the machine of choice for the discerning smallholder!

Wessex Countryline Range WFM Flail Mowers

From £1,990.00 Excl. VAT

Control dense vegetation with ease thanks to the WFM tractor flail mowers. Long grass, problematic shrubs and difficult terrain are no match for these key pieces of machinery.

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