Wessex Countryline Range CMY Finishing Mowers

Full adjustability was key during the development of these CMT finishing mowers. The wheels have been designed to be raised and lowered to achieve the ideal finish. 3 overlapping rotors, available in 3 working widths, allow for no unsightly uncut strips.

Targeting primarily private estates and gardens, we’ve ensured the use of this piece of equipment is maximised. We understand the need for efficiency which is why the use of this these finishing mowers, in conjunction with a compact tractor, allows for improved manoeuvrability.

Take the level of care for your grass to the next level. Add one of these finishing mowers to your array of machinery today and, in no time, you’ll be receiving compliments from all angles regarding the highly professional finish.

Wessex Countryline Range CMT Finishing Mowers

From £2,140.00 Excl. VAT

Featuring superb build quality, these finishing mowers create the perfect cut. The CMT finishing mower also allows for easy use with a compact tractor.

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