The new 56 eFORCE battery utilises the very latest in lithium-ion technology to bring you more energy, more versatility and longer run times. This means you receive the power you need no matter how heavy the workload. The 2.3 Ah battery is compatible across the entire range of Professional Series tools. The battery is light weight and ergonomic, meaning it’s perfect for jobs that require a high level of maneuverability and accuracy. Advanced lithium-ion technology means you get full power until the battery is completely depleted.

  • The new 56 eFORCE lithium-ion battery generates greater power for heavy duty performance and longer use.
  • Battery cells feature secondary protective casing, which provides additional protection from impact. In the event of impact, the structural integrity and mechanical “bonds” between cells take all the load off spot-welding connections.
  • Using the standard, rapid charger (LCJQ-560), the 2.3 Ah battery can be charged to 80% in as little as 30 minutes (47 mins for 100%).

Echo 56v Battery Pack 5Ah – LBP-50-250

£232.50 Excl. VAT£224.17 Excl. VAT


5.0Ah Battery (185Wh) 56 eFORCE battery.

  • Longer run times
  • Advanced features for durability and safety
  • Fast charging

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