Cramer 82C2 – 82V 8A Professional Dual Fast Charger

The Cramer 82C2 82V 8A fast charger features dual slots, integrated battery cooling and charge status indicator LED. Fully compatible with all 82V Cramer professional batteries.

Charging time for 82V220G/82V220 battery (82V, 3Ah) = 36 mins (80%), 45 mins (100%)
Charging time for 82V290 battery (82V, 4Ah) = 49 mins (80%), 60 mins (100%)
Charging time for 82V430G/82V430 battery (82V, 6Ah) = 72 mins (80%), 90 mins (100%)
Charging time for 82V860 battery (82V, 12Ah) = 144 mins (80%), 180 mins (100%)

Cramer 82C2G 82V 2 Slot Charger (Tool Only)

£113.33 Excl. VAT

Note: This is Compatible with 82V Ranges Tool only

Cramer’s 82V chargers can charge batteries immediately after use, as the built-in fan provides cooling during the charging process.

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