CRAMER BATTERY 3.0 AH – 82V220G (Tool Only)

Price on Application

Note: This is Compatible with 82V Ranges Tool only

Voltage: 82V
Rated Capacity: 3.0 Ah
Capacity: 220 Wh
Maximum Power: 2.1 kW
Bluetooth: No
All Weather Proof: No
Weight: 1.6 kg
Charging Time: 100 % (82C2)45 min


Rechargeable battery technology is the only way to a successful future in professional gardening. We at Cramer have always believed this to be true. The advantages speak for themselves: significantly higher efficiency and durability, zero emissions and thus environmentally friendly, low noise and vibrations, and future-proof – even in the face of ever stricter environmental requirements. 82V220G is 100% weatherproof and withstand wind and rain.

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