Wessex SM-66 Scrubmaster Rotary Slasher

Ideal for controlling areas of dense vegetation or heavy scrubland, this rotary slasher has an enviable reputation for serious scrub-clearing ability. At work in woodlands and areas of forest across the UK and Europe, the Scrubmaster rotary slasher will power its way unstoppably through dense brush and scrub. Constructed from a heavy gauge steel plate with an exceptionally high-performance drive system, the Scrubmaster is built to last.

Blade assembly – Comprising 4 heavy-duty reversible blades mounted on a large hardened steel square plate, the rotary slasher is able to deliver over 2000 1-ton impact cuts per minute. The blade cutters give a cleaner cutting action than chains when cutting wood material, and can be used for controlling grass & weed growth.

Chain cutters – These are recommended for use in areas where there is a likelihood of tree stumps and boulders which could cause damage to blades. Three high tensile chains are mounted on a circular boss and will lacerate cut material more than blades, accelerating the breakdown of woody and fibrous scrub growth with minimal effort.

Adjustable side skids – Replaceable wear shoes are re-positioned to alter the cutting height. The skids are positioned so that the working width is only marginally less than the overall width allowing the machine to cut close to trees in plantations and stumps.

Fully-floating headstock – The fully-floating headstock on the rotary slasher, allows the machine to be dragged across the rough ground with minimal stress to the frame of the machine, whilst a heavy galvanised chain takes the weight of the machine when lifted out of work.

Heavy gauge steel tailgates – These are key to ensuring the debris below the machine is reduced to mulch during operation.

Drive – The drive is transmitted via a friction plate clutch to the heavy gearbox with hardened, bevel gears running in an oil bath for smooth operation. The cutter assembly is welded on a tapered hub which locks onto the gearbox output shaft.

Wessex SM-66 Scrubmaster Rotary Slasher

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Control dense vegetation or heavy scrubland with ease thanks to the Wessex SM-66 Scrubmaster Rotary Slasher. Whether you’re using chain cutters or blades, the level of clearing capability is at a high level on every job.

  • Working width – 170cm
  • Overall width – 1.8m
  • Blade tip speed 70.7m/s
  • Weight using blades – 516kg
  • Weight using chains – 468kg
  • Minimum power required – 45hp

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