• 5.5hp engine – Easy to start and reliable
  • Throttle lever – Clips onto an ATV rack for user convenience
  • Centrifugal clutch – Allows the brush rotor to be engaged/disengaged from the seat
  • Wheels in-line with brush rotor – Follows ground contours accurately giving a consistent clean sweep
  • Simple screw handle – Easy adjustment of brush height
  • Fully castoring rear wheels – Allows for increased manoeuvrability
  • Floating drawbar – Allows the machine to float over uneven ground with no weight on the ball hitch
  • Adjustable spring tines – Rake through the grass to loosen stubborn horse muck
  • Hand-operated winch – Fear easy emptying
  • Stiff, coarse bristle – For increased sweeping efficacy in a paddock environment
  • Swivelling ball hitch – Satisfying health and safety recommendations

Wessex MTC-120-Pro 1.20m Sweeper Collector

£7,490.00 Excl. VAT

This sweeper collector turns a usually tedious job into a quick and efficient task. Primarily for use on private estates, parks & large gardens, the MTC-120-P sweeper collector is ideal for gathering autumn leaves, grass clippings and scarifying debris.

Available in three different versions – self-powered, mounted or trailed – the sweeper collector is capable of completing gathering tasks with ease. The discharge of the sweeper collector has been designed around the ease of use by the operator. When full, simply use the hand-operated winch and the hopper will roll over, cleanly emptying on the ground.

The hopper is finely balanced on the pivot point to ensure an easy rollover while a spring-loaded pin secures the hopper in position when in operation.

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