Wessex CHT Rotary Hedge Cutter

The CHT-100R rotary hedge cutter contains high-quality hardened blades to allow for prolonged use. Instead of gathering the cuttings, this piece of machinery throws back the cut-offs to provide a level of fresh growth for the hedge you’re cutting.

Leaving a high cut as standard, this rotary hedge cutter also features maximum versatility through its ability to reach up to 5m. Operating from within the compact tractor, you’re able to trim hedges and shrubs on either side of the vehicle – reducing the need to make multiple passes in close quarters.

The use of these rotary hedge cutters is primarily for grounds care and general shrub control, however, they are also ideal for those who are looking for a time-efficient solution to bush and grass styling.


  • Cutting width – 100cm
  • Tractor horsepower – 40-50hp
  • Minimum tractor weight – 700kg
  • Material thickness up to – 3cm
  • Weight – 220kg

Wessex CHT Rotary Hedge Cutter

From £8,690.00 Excl. VAT

Expertly control the growth of hedges and shrubs leaving a superb finish. The hydraulically driven three-blade rotary hedge cutter allows for efficient cuts in a timely manner.

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