Know what’s coming. The outstanding visibility when operating the Toro GrandStand® Stand-on Mower makes it easy to avoid obstacles and pass beneath branches. The riding platform has a self-adjusting suspension and sloped sides for a more secure stance when cutting sloped terrain giving you the comfort of a zero-turn rider with the on-and-off ease of a wide area walk-behind. The Kawasaki® FS541V engine and TURBO FORCE® cutting deck give you reliable cutting performance day after day, and the 91cm cutting deck covers a lot of turf quickly. The riding platform also folds up so you can use the mower as a walk behind as well as reduce the footprint to save room on your trailer. Toro’s rugged spindle assembly handles impacts well, helping you stay productive in challenging conditions.

Toro Grandstand 91cm Stand-On Mowers – 74534TE

£11,000.00 Excl. VAT

  • Toro’s foldable operator platform instantly converts the GrandStand to a walk-behind. It easily lowers back down when its time to ride – saving time, money and trailer space by eliminating the need to switch mowers.
  • Conserves space to get more machines on your trailer, or allows for a smaller trailer and lighter load.
  • Exceptional visibility from the GrandStand protects the operator, the mower and the property. The operator is better able to steer clear of obstacles, and easily pass beneath branches.
  • Easier Maintenance – Access to both sides of the engine, hydros and controls with the easy removal of the fuel tank.
  • The platform has self-adjusting suspension, a larger open area to move around, and sloped sides for a more secure stance when cutting sloped terrain.
  • Improve productivity with easy access on and off the machine with up to 40 litres of fuel capacity to mow longer with fewer stops.

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