The Oxdale Electric saw bench is perfect if you don’t have a tractor for a PTO machine. The Oxdale Electric saw bench allows the user to cut logs up to 10″ in diameter. The swinging cradle allows logs to be cut quickly, safely and efficiently.

  • 16-amp power supply needed
  • Tungsten tipped blade
  • 600mm Blade
  • Easily cuts logs up to 10″
  • Swinging cradle

Del Morino Electric Saw Bench

£1,850.00 Excl. VAT

The 600mm tungsten tip saw blade is capable of cutting through logs up to 10” in diameter. The Oxdale Electric Saw Bench features a single phase electric motor which is designed for safe and effective operation. A single phase, 16 amp power supply is required to power this saw bench.

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