Cramer RM800 – Fully Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower

The RM800 is a fully automated robotic lawnmower designed for small to medium lawns of up to 800m². Cramer robotic mowers give you back your time, cutting and charging automatically so you never need to mow again. The mower is compatible with the Cramer Connect App, giving you full control from your smartphone. With so many integrated features the Cramer robotic mower range offers exceptional value for money.

The cutting concept of ‘little and often’ is where the mower cuts a very small amount from the grass frequently, using razor sharp blades for a clean finish. Any grass cuttings fall into the grass roots to act as a natural fertiliser. The result is a greener, healthier lawn with significantly reduced moss which always looks neat and tidy.

The robotic mower has numerous integrated safety features for your peace of mind. With a large manual stop button which is easily accessible, lift and tilt sensors, and collision sensors. All safety features stop the cutting blades instantly to minimize any risks while working around the garden.

Cramer RM800 – Robotic Mower boundary wire till 800m2 (Tool Only)

£749.99 Excl. VAT

The RM800 is a fully automated robotic lawnmower designed for small to medium gardens of up to 800m². With full Bluetooth connectivity via the Cramer Connect App you can easily manage cutting schedules and monitor the robot’s status, never having to mow again. Designed with safety in mind, the RM800 features an integrated lift sensor to automatically stop the blades, and a collision sensor to recognise obstacles.

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