Cramer 48TX10K2 – Cordless Brushcutter 48V incl. battery 2Ah incl. charger


✔️Double automatic trimmer head from Tecomec
✔️Multi-tool system
✔️Carrying strap
✔️Battery 48V 2 Ah

✔️Charger 48C

Double thread head
Particularly robust system with double thread through pressure for fast thread feeding.

The noise levels of our battery-powered products are up to 13 dB(A) lower than those of petrol-powered devices. This makes a huge difference for the user – because a reduction of just 3 dB(A) is perceived as halving the noise. The extremely quiet operation makes working much more pleasant for the user and other people are not disturbed by loud noise.

Low maintenance
No need to refill petrol, low maintenance and an electronically controlled drive system – all this reduces downtime and lowers maintenance costs.

Divisible shaft, versatile thanks to various attachments available as accessories: pole hedge trimmer, pole pruner, edge trimmer

Brushless motor
Our specially developed brushless Cramer motor with 1000 watts is up to 25% more efficient than conventional brushless motors. This means a high and constant torque of 1.45 Nm – even when you mow high, thick or wet grass.

Optimal balance
Our devices have a compact and slim design. The handle is aligned with the center of gravity, which means the cordless devices are perfectly balanced and easy to maneuver in all directions.

One battery for all devices
The Cramer 48 volt Li-ion battery system was developed for long-term use and fits in all hand-held Cramer forestry and garden tools. This means you can use one and the same battery for your Cramer cordless chainsaws, Cramer cordless scythes or Cramer cordless hedge trimmers.

Carrying system
Comfortable, padded strap.

Cramer 48TX10K2 – Brushless String Trimmer with Kit (Tool Only)

£249.99 Excl. VAT

Note: This is Compatible with 48V Batteries only

The new lightweight and powerful Cramer cordless scythe 48TX10 for the demanding user. Perfect for gardeners, landscapers and contractors. Excellent ergonomics and balance and a long-lasting brushless Cramer motor.

Available on back-order

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