Medium or Mid-Range Tractors

Mid-range or medium tractors are very utilitarian, versatile and are capable of completing a number of outdoor tasks including pulling of equipment, achievable with different attachments.
Depending on the tasks you need to complete, there is a tractor suitable for the job!
The jobs you need successfully completing will often determine which mid-range or medium range tractor is best for you.
It could be you need something with a lesser spec or something larger.

Uses for Medium or Mid-Range Tractors

These convenient machines have cab options and some have remote hydraulic controls.
They will also come with a Cat-1 hitch as a minimum, some with Cat-2 hitches.

Different Types

Power ratings vary hugely as this category covers a wide range of tractor models, specifications and brands.
Most will feature a three-cylinder diesel engine of up to 65 horsepower.

Benefits of Mid-RangeTractors

Medium or mid-range tractors are a good, all-round tractor with the ability to run lots of different implements.
For many businesses, the 50-horsepower tractor is a good option.
Bucket loader capacities will vary however the higher the capacity, the better. This means your mid-size tractor is ideal for clearing land, lifting tasks and moving objects such as pallets, timber or similar.
Mid-range tractors often offer a lot of power that often bely their size.
If you run a golf course, a sports club or similar, this might be one of the best ways to help your business reach the best standards it can.

Other Elements to Consider

Here at Middlewich Machinery, we can help you with your medium tractor questions and queries.
As with all tractors and lawn management products, the dealership is important as it is usually your first point of contact.
We have the ability to get hold of spare parts and we have a full workshop that can turn around repairs as soon as possible.
Mid-range tractors are also easier to store, taking up less space than their larger counterparts.

Still Unsure?

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