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This term usually refers to a heavier equipment machine such as a tractor and it covers a myriad of terms such as bucket loader, front loader, payloader, shovel, and more.

What is a Loader?

More often than not, when a person refers to a loader, they mean a tractor, usually wheeled although some also operate with tracks.

There is a wide bucket mounted at the front on two arms, or booms.

What Does I Need a Loader For?

The main use for a loader is to move materials around by lifting rather than pushing.
If you need to move sand to a bunker, the loader will be helpful to you.

If you use your loader for digging, remember that your loader cannot dig very much lower than its wheel level.

Is a loader permanently mounted?

In some instances, this is the case.

However, the bucket implement can be removed and other attachments inserted in its place.

For a tractor of this sort, the horsepower is usually between 50 to 200.

Health and Safety

As with all vehicles and machinery safe usage is of paramount importance. Drivers must be fully qualified and the area in which you’re working must be clear of other people or at the very least, well clear of where the vehicle is operating.

Other elements to be wary of include pot holes, trenches and cables.

What Other Aspects Do I Need to Know?

Loaders also have engines, usually diesel driven.

As with all engines, regular checks and maintenance are required.

Hydraulic components might include pumps, motors and valves while transmission components include gearbox, axles, wheels or tracks, and motors.

What to do next?

We can advise you as to the best equipment for your needs, including information about tractor loaders

What you need or can have will depend on commercial use, and the jobs you need to do.

Get in touch with Middlewich Machinery for further information.

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