Walk Behind Mowers

They are compact, robust and often have the capacity to mulch too.

What is a Walk Behind Mower?

These very popular types of lawn mower can be seen in all types of location and with good reason.

They are compact, robust and often have the capacity to mulch too.

When is a Walk Behind Mower a Good Option?

If you have a small grassed area, then a walk behind mower is usually the best option. You can get electric and petrol driven models.

Walk behind mowers can also form part of a fleet of equipment that services your golf course, sports facilities or smallholding.

If your mower also mulches, this means the cuttings are finely cut, they break down quickly and nourish the soil.

Another advantage is that you can use some walk behinds in damp conditions.
Some walk behind mowers have the ability to catch the cuttings at the rear so you can use them in compost heaps if needed.

What About Reliability?

Walk behind mowers are usually very reliable if used properly and maintained well. In the main, walk behinds are powered by hydraulics.

They can form a very beneficial addition to your landscaping fleet or to your contractor’s vehicle portfolio.

How much does one cost?

Anything from £150 to a four-figure sum is the range, depending on your budget.

What Terrains Are Best for Walk Behind Mowers?

Flat terrains are best.

You can get hover or floating decks which are better for a terrain that has a mix of surfaces and heights.

What Other Aspects Do I Need to Know?

As with all equipment, health and safety is essential. This includes safe storage of your walk behind mower is essential.

Regular servicing and repairs will also be of benefit providing conditions are safe.
Maintenance areas include the blades which can be moved for sharpening – ensure you know how to do this safely.

Any pulleys should be the best you can afford.

What to do next?

Still wondering which walk behind mower will be best for you? Get in touch with Middlewich Machinery for further information.