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  • Premium diesel engine 25 hp.
  • Differential lock on rear axle.
  • Ergonomic driver platform and controls.
  • Mid PTO standard
  • Rear PTO and Cat 1 3 point linkage.
  • Forward and reverse driving by twin pedal hydrostatic drive, no effort required.

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Text With two speed ranges (Hi/Lo) the hydrostatic transmission can achieve a wide range of speeds to ensure that you can quickly and efficiently complete a wide range of jobs. The rear PTO and mid PTO can be engaged together or separately by using a single lever.

The mid mount mower cutting height is easily adjustable also by using a simple lever.

Standard equipment

  • Rear PTO.
  • Mid PTO
  • Power steering.
  • Parking Brake.
  • PTO guard.
  • Cup Holder.
  • Hazard lights.
  • Loader control if the loader is purchased with the tractor.