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Team Sprayers & Compact Tractor Sprayers

Team Sprayers is manufactured here in the United Kingdom and was founded four decades ago. Team Sprayers are one of the most respected brands in the country, and its range of sprayers and applicators ensure it is one of the market leaders.

Which Team Sprayer Will Suit My Needs?

Spraying products and applicators are a specialist element of land care and maintenance. Sprayers can range from pedestrian models to mounted versions.

Choosing the right one for your needs is the best way to get the most of out your sprayer.


Quality, Specification, Performance

From a well-used football pitch to a golf course, and from fields to an amenity site, a Team Sprayer product could be one of the hardest working members of your team!

With over four decades of production behind the brand, skill and expertise is used in every sprayer.

Built in Britain, Team Sprayers are built to last.

Each sprayer is made with different functional options and with the highest standard of components used every time.

Team Sprayer Systems

There are a variety of options available from Team Sprayer. There is a choice of manual or electric folding booms, a dual covered boom set up or computerised controller. Ground care sprayers include pedestrian, trailed, mounted, demount, covered booms and ATV sprayers. For crop sprayers, there is a choice of trailed or mounted ones.

Spearhead also produce potato applicators and de-icer sprayers.

Accessories and Merchandise

Team Sprayer products are built to last, yet all machinery sometimes needs to be checked out, serviced or even repaired.

Team Sprayer products are known for their accuracy, stability and strength. Other elements that might be of interest including GPS mapping and nozzle control.

Middlewich Machinery can help you with your Team Sprayer enquiry. Our expert team will be able to advise as to the best product for you.

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